Diana says hi!!!

Dato: 19.mar.2011 | Tid: 23:05 |

Hello world :)

Diana here! So right this second Hedda and and I are laying in the clothes we fell asleep in last night and watching Jersey Shore kind of. Semi-full from the breakfast she made for us this morning which consisted of pretzels, maple and borwn sugar oatmeal, and coca-cola. Yummy I know ;) ! Last night was an adventure, since the first half of it was lame as can be and we decided to go to Dennys and buy puppy sundaes(pancake balls with ice cream covered in chocolate fudge). This is seriously our signature meal, we have it at least twice a week! Hedda saved my life last night, I won't say how but I'll tell you that much. We are getting ready to go over t o our friend's hosue to just chill and watch movies because the weather sucks and that's basically all we can do right now. We went to sleep at 4 a.m last night and therefore we are just now fully awake:) Hedda is sort of freaking out because there is an earthquake alert on the news in San Francisco which is actually 80 miles away from where we live but it's supposed to be felt along the San Andres fault which runs along Gilroy which is a little closer to us, but hopefully it's mild and doesn't do too much damage to anything here. I am randomly rambling on but that's just me, I'll tell you a little bit about Hedda since  this is her blog and you are all just dyinggggg to know lol ! Well she's from Norway of course and she's the funniest person ever and often underestimated when it comes to a lot of things. She's secretly a crazy lady and a pirate, becasue she speaks like one, not necessarily a bad thing because she has plenty of reasons to since we do live in Patterson the most isolated place ever. Can you believe we have to drive 30 minutes to go to the mall! It is horrible ! Every time we hang out its an adventure, we find the funnest little things in the most boring situations! That right there takes a lot of talent :D well i guess we're on our way out so I'll be back for sure! bye



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20.mar.2011 kl.00:08

Hi diana!


20.mar.2011 kl.00:20

Hahaha, love it! Funny:-D


20.mar.2011 kl.00:21

Hope it isnt a big earthquake!


20.mar.2011 kl.09:51

Koselig !

God morgen !


20.mar.2011 kl.10:53

Hi Diana!!!

Hope the earthquake doesn't do much damage...it is kind of scary if you think about it but like you said, you aren't so close to the fault lines that it might not do much damage at all...Glad you and Hedda get along so well :)

20.mar.2011 kl.11:44

Hi Diana! we love you, xoxo Norway


20.mar.2011 kl.12:08

Cute :D


20.mar.2011 kl.12:30

koslig :)


20.mar.2011 kl.12:43

Hahha, Diana seems so funny!

Stor klem fra Frida!

20.mar.2011 kl.13:16

To Diana:

Haha! But I'm sure the weather doesn't suck over there neeeeaaaarly as much as over here, where I live (a teeeny tiny city in Northern-Norway); it's been raining and it's been very windy all night, it looks like it's gonna stay like that all day! So, since there's always a lot of ice under all the snow, every piece of ground is covered with wet, slippery ice, since the snow is gone... :-/

Have a good day, good luck with the earthquake alert!


20.mar.2011 kl.15:49

Haha, Hi Diana!


20.mar.2011 kl.15:49

Hei! Jeg har lest bloggen din den siste tiden, og har fått med meg at du hadde kjæreste før du dro, eller det er i hvert fall sånn jeg har forstått det! Men er dere enda sammen, om dere er hvordan går det med dere? Snakker dere ofte sammen?

- Jeg har selv kjæreste som reise til USA for å gå dette skole året, og det er veldig vanskelig men verdt det! Savner han kjempe masse og tenker virkelig på han hver dag!! Så hvordan er det for deg?

Klem fra M.A.J, kristiansand!


20.mar.2011 kl.17:06

haha, how cute :)


20.mar.2011 kl.18:30

Haha, you're cute!

20.mar.2011 kl.18:49

haha, beste!


20.mar.2011 kl.20:15

Who is Diana?

Kan du legge ut et bilde hedda? :):):):)


20.mar.2011 kl.21:52



21.mar.2011 kl.09:43

Diana have to write blogs from time to time. haha! Loved it. Hope you guys doesn't feel the earthquake where you live. And you be back for sure Diana! ;)


23.mar.2011 kl.20:45

Cool to read something a california girl has written :)

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