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Oh Hedda how i love you so much! When you first moved here and i saw you in Spanish class i saw you and was like, hey were gonna be friends. Well as you know now it is true and it happened! hahaha i am a psychic. Well ever since the first sleep over it has been nothing but fun times and having fun with you. Walking all over San Jose shopping in the great mall and sitting and watching Brianna cheer. And all the times in between of saying hi and making jokes :) our 4 day sleep over was one of the funnest weekends i have had in such a long time and i want to do it again because you are a fun person to hang out with even when we fight over blankets and you go around sniffing my floor for spots for me to clean :) haha. and us eating candy and ice cream and subway. sneaking into anytime fitness and gonna get in trouble lol.. well i love Hedda Ingeborgvik and she has inspired me to do great things, i love you :)
- Gabriel Capote, "cousin".

hedda! a great girl that im glad i met this year (: we havent known each other that long, but i feel that we are true friends. we visted san francisco together, went to american football games together, and made memories that will last a lifetime. im happy that she was able to come to Patterson, California. it has been amazing to have a foreign exchange student as a friend. it seems like everytime i introduce her to someone i have to add "she's from Norway" at the end haha anyway im glad i met her and very happy that we have become such good friends (:
- Marissa Chavez.

When i first met you i knew you were going to be a cool Norwegian! lol. As we got closer we have had some good ass times like taking pictures, partying!, having talks about our boyfriends and how we all should hang out.. even though we know it wont happen lol. & How we can never sleep and were up at like tweeker hours lol. When we stayed up that one night until five in the morning talking about covers for your bed and places you shop at and just a whole bunch of stuff about home lol.& how we took creepy pictures together at like three in the morning lol..Ohhh i can't forget the first word you taught me in norwegian...HUDA..Haha i dont even know if i spelt that right??Lol & when you move im going to miss you! So don't forget about little Patterson and the people you met here:) Love you HEADA haha.
- Desiree Rodarte.

ever since i met hedda its been nuthing but funn memories lol i love our friendship so much and i love her tooo some memories i have of us is going to diablo grande country club house for formal and having and amazing dinner and after formal to quote myself wtf hedda u cant be cold ur from norway haha and hedda wtf john i aint no polar bear haah lol and u looking for ur shoe, also ur infinate times of calling me a dumbass and i was also their when u watched pretty little liars and jersey shore for ur 1st time lol Hedda Ingeborgvik I LOVE YOU SO MUCH UR MY BEST NORWEIGEN FRIEND EVER AND YEHA AGAIN I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
- John Clubb

Hedda, well basically I cant sum up our relationship in just one phrase, let alone one word! My partner in crime, the only other person that I share my car with at least once a day. The only persons life that I?ve jeopardized more than once with my terrible driving lol! We?ve had so many fun memories, the most memorable would have to be when we were in the hot tub on Brianna?s birthday and she swore she saw two cats and that Brianna?s dog cookie was fighting the cat Bella ! Hahaha that was HILARIOUS ! And when me and Jessica showed up with her chewies and she looked all sad because we were going to starve her haha! Also, our time at Buffalo Wild Wing Stop, when we literally just sat in the restaurant taking pictures to get discount on our food! And it worked! Hedda is one of my best friends and one of the few people I can fully open up to and say basically anything without getting judged upon it; we share a lot in common and she understands me on a whole different level than any other friend I have in Patterson. I?ve known her for a short time, but I already feel like I know her inside out; we have so many memories to make, and I am going to be ssooooo sad when she leaves back to Norway I already promised I?d visit though !
- Diana Lopez

Hedda, Hedda, Hedda. I have lots to say about her, shes an amazing girl and im so grateful i got a chance to meet her. With her there's always laughter. From denny's runs toi late night kfc dinners! Shes a wonderful girl, and im glad to say that i have a norwegian friend. I love you girl!
- Ashley Mackenzie

Skulle ønske jeg kunne sette ord på hvor mye dere betyr for meg.

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<3 Henie

28.jan.2011 kl.07:50

Så koselig! ;D


28.jan.2011 kl.08:13

Ååå, så koselige de virker!


28.jan.2011 kl.08:18

aw! Du er heldig som har faat saa gode venner :)


28.jan.2011 kl.08:41



28.jan.2011 kl.09:17

herregud så søte dem er! Du har virkelig funnet venner for livet! =D


28.jan.2011 kl.09:19

Så utrolig søtt :D Du er heldig som har fått deg så mange venner som er så glad i deg ^^!

-Hilsen Stine fra kjærestebloggen


28.jan.2011 kl.09:25

Hvorfor har ikke brianna skrevet????erdere ikke venner?????

sofie zetterstrøm

28.jan.2011 kl.09:49

så søtt!! :-) Virker som om du har fått deg noen skikkelig gode venner!



28.jan.2011 kl.10:15

is it possible to add some photos to who your friends are?


28.jan.2011 kl.10:28

Åå så sinnsykt koselig!! Virker som at du har fått deg noen venner for livet :-)


28.jan.2011 kl.13:53

aww, så søtt!

Amalie Elise

28.jan.2011 kl.14:01

aww , så fint at du har fått så gode venner :) Kan du lage et innleg der du sammenligner regler til ungdomen i usa og oss i Norge ? Hvilket du synes er best , forskjeller å sånt .

Du har en kjempe bra blogg , har lest nesten alle innleggene dine Hedda :)))

Marte :-)

28.jan.2011 kl.15:06

Hei :) Håper det var greit at jeg lånte et bilde av deg til bloggen min? :)


28.jan.2011 kl.15:36

åå, så koselig! :D


28.jan.2011 kl.15:46

så koselige venner!!

du har en sykt bra blogg!!!! leser hver dag! veldig spennende å lese om alt!:) kan du lage en videoblogg med noen av vennene dine? :)


28.jan.2011 kl.15:49

ååå, så skjønne venner du har fått!


28.jan.2011 kl.16:18

Hva betyr huda? Er det kristiansundsdialekt ellerno? :)

Art of Gallery

28.jan.2011 kl.16:22

hehe nice!


28.jan.2011 kl.23:06

Hey :-)

Hvor i California bor du? Jeg er ogsaa paa utveksling i california dette aaret! :-)

- Camilla


28.jan.2011 kl.23:33

Så utrolig koselig : D


28.jan.2011 kl.23:36

Du er utrolig heldig som har fått deg så gode venner! :)


28.jan.2011 kl.23:38

må si john var glad i punktumer!

haha, neida, utrolig søtt skrevet av alle sammen!


29.jan.2011 kl.00:07

Haha, HUDA?!?! Haha, neida. Du er utrolig heldig som har disse vennene, og jeg tror virkelig det vil være verdt det for deg å holde kontakt med dem etter at dette semesteret/året ditt i utlandet er slutt.

Ha en fin dag!


29.jan.2011 kl.00:29

så koselig ;) virker som at de er virkelig ekte venner!


29.jan.2011 kl.11:57

Så innmari koselig da! :)

29.jan.2011 kl.21:28

hva er huda?

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